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Saturday, June 4, 2011



E3 is right around the corner. This new article pretty much lays out what to expect — sneak previews of an encounter with the Eternity Vault on the planet of Belsavis, the struggle to dethrone a usurper on Alderaan, and a battle with Sandpeople and more on Tattooine.

Signs also point to the possibility of a new cinematic trailer, just like the last couple of years. If you get the newsletter, you might have noticed an image at the bottom of the email teasing something happening on the site June 6:

EA Launches Origin

EA debuts Origin today, their new direct-to-consumer gaming platform for gamers to purchase and download EA games and other content. They’re clearly gunning for services like Steam with this, which is both bad and good I guess, since I do all my digital game purchases through Steam exclusively at the moment, but buying stuff like DLC and other content for Mass Effect, Dragon Age etc. and keeping it all together could be easier with Origin.

In addition, “digital downloads of Star Wars: The Old Republic will be available exclusively on Origin later this year”. What this means for me, I don’t know. I was always planning on getting a boxed Collector’s Edition, but the idea of no-hassle digital delivery is also very appealing. But what to do, what to do, when both avenues will no doubt offer “exclusives” to tempt me?


  1. All this talk about e3 is getting me pretty excited. I can't wait for all the great announcements.

  2. Cant wait to hear more about it.

  3. SWToR looks awesome, I'm willing to buy a new computer just to play it. I had so much fun in Galaxies, this can only be better. I wonder if this Origins service will give exclusive content that physical users can't get.

  4. Keep us updated!
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